Ref’s Pizza

I worked in a team of four to design and build a fully functional website for Ref’s Pizza, a pizza shop located in Thornton, Ontario.

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I designed a website to attract volunteers to 100In1Day, a non-profit organization that helps make cities more environmentally friendly.

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Bujo Supply Co.

A multi-page website I designed for a fictional stationary company.

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Other Web Work

The following designs were produced within a one-hour timeframe for a web design class.


Diner Menu Page

This was made to demonstrate my ability to build an effective one-page layout. I designed all the content, and built the web page.

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Grape-nuts Redesign

For this assignment, I had to re-design the Grape Nuts Wine Club logo and create a mockup for their website.

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UI Card Design

In this exercise I used user interface cards to organize information on the web page a visually pleasing way.

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